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With the advent of technology more and more companies have found a pressing need to hire professional transcriptionists. This is a great opportunity for you if you have the skills required. But, one might ask, “What is general transcription?” General transcription, in simple terms, is the conversion of audio/video materials (non-medical) into written form. This can either be in doc, docx, text or in Excel spreadsheets.

Notable Differences Between General and Medical Transcription

As a newbie, you need to start with general transcription but I am going to point out notable differences between general and medical transcription, for those who might want to take the medical route.

Medical Transcription, also known as MT, is the conversion of voice-recorded reports into text format (really key in the healthcare industry). It requires certification that will cost you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in training.

Furthermore, it is difficult to land a medical transcription job if you have no prior transcription experience. Not to mention the many scammers out there claiming huge upfront payments to cover courses and softwares before offering you actual work. Don’t you just hate it when you are working so hard to land a job and someone is busy finding ways to steal your hard earned money? My fellow transcriber, you are more intelligent than that. Notice those schemes from a far and run from it like a plague.

Irresistible Reasons Why You Should Choose General Over Medical Transcription

1. No prior experience needed.

The main reason I love general transcription is you can do it even as a newbie. All you need is a computer, good internet connection and a pair of headsets. My advice to you is strive to pass the set test, if they have any.

2. Is easy to start and no formal training is required

Just like I mentioned you do not need to go through though training like in the case of medical transcription. If you are a fast typist and your word capture is good you should be able to start working within a week of registration.

3. Requires minimal financial investment (headsets, computer, internet)

4. Has flexible working hours

Unlike medical transcription where you have to be working at certain hours that are set by the company, you have the flexibility to work at your own time. In the case of Rev I usually work evening hours because that is when I am more relaxed and there are no distractions.

5. Less stressful

With general transcription all you do is just listen to an interview or a sermon or a lecture then type what you hear. With medical transcription, you have to mast heavy medical terminologies and surgical procedures, which can be really stressful on the transcriber’s part.

6. You learn a lot as you handle a variety of projects

You get to transcribe interviews from world renowned speakers who can teach you how to live your best life or internet marketers who can show you how to make more money online unlike medical where you only focus on medical related fields.

As a general transcriptionist you will type live or recorded files in form of:

  1. Lectures

  2. Speeches

  3. Interviews

  4. Meetings

  5. Seminars

  6. Webinars

  7. Podcasts

  8. Conference calls

  9. Focus group discussions

  10. Market research

  11. Sermons

  12. YouTube videos, etc.

There is a handful of good and legitimate general transcription companies out there that you can apply to, get accepted and start making money as soon as possible. I have been doing this for the past 6 years earning a full-time income. I believe you can too. All you need is the drive, patience, persistence and determination to succeed. Please, check out Great Transcription Companies for Newbies and A List of 30 Stunning Transcription Companies Hiring Now.

NOTE: If you really have a feel for medical transcription and want to make a career out of it, Career Step is a great place to start. They have great tools, resources and training materials that will get you fully equipped to handle any medical transcription project out there.

Important Exercise

Take an hour or two to really think about this. Is transcription really what you want to do? If yes, how much time will you be willing to invest? And, will it be on a full-time or part-time basis? Note all these questions down and have them somewhere visible. You can always refer to them when procrastination sets in.

If you are sure this is what you wish to be doing from this point on then check out Great Transcription Companies for Newbie or A List of 30 Stunning Transcription Companies Hiring Now.

To Your Success


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About Virginia Nakitari

Virginia Nakitari is a Professional Transcriptionist, Blogger and Proud Owner of Transcription Hub Pros. She created this blog to solve common problems facing professional transcribers and to offer value by sharing top-of-the-line tips, tricks, resources and best paying transcription companies.

11 thoughts on “GETTING STARTED

  1. Rob

    What do you consider a full time income? I’ve been typing since the 90’s and I’m considering this type of work, but so far everything I’ve looked at for payment seems pretty low. For example, I was reading another one of your articles that mentioned a company that pays $10.00 an audio hour. Clearly it’s going to take longer than an hour to transcribe an hour worth of audio. If it took double the amount of time you’re making $5.00 an hour. That is less than minimum hourly wage in the U.S.A. Nice price for the client but not so good for the transcriber.

    I’m curious as to how much someone could make working eight hours a day five days a week with average skills. For instance, what could someone expect to be able to make with 80 WPM typing skills, 90 WPM, 100 et cetera. Is there even enough work from the companies you list to support a full time weekly work schedule?

    1. Virginia Nakitari Post author

      Hello Rob,

      Well, I cannot give a specific amount as the full time income because what I consider full time in Kenya might not be full time in the United States. As for the sites/companies, the one you referred to and some others that I mentioned are companies meant for newbies. People with a typing speed of at least 40WPM. I even specify this in the title of the post. With your typing speed and the skills that you have you should be working for companies like GRM Transcription, Net Transcripts, Landmark Associates etc. These are sites that have been in the field for a long time and are looking for professional and experienced transcriptionists. Alternatively, we have a site like that pays between $30 to $50 per audio hour. You can get your feet wet with that kind of work before you move onto better and greener pastures.

  2. Francoise


    Thanks for the useful info on your website. I’ve worked as a PA and digital transcriptionist for many years but never tried working from home. I’m just not that up on the technical side of how these sites work ….. do I need to buy my own transcription kit to work for etc or just headphones?

    Thanks for any help.

    Kind regards

    Francoise Aylett

    1. Virginia Nakitari Post author

      Hello Francoise,

      Welcome to Transcription Hub Pros. Yes. You will have to buy a few
      things here and there before you get started. You will need a computer
      either a laptop or desktop with enough RAM for saving documents. A
      pair of good headsets and a faster internet connection. If you
      subscribe to my free newsletter I share my ebook containing what you
      will need to acquire before you start working from home. If you need
      further assistance, do not hesitate to let me know.

  3. Peter Simiyu

    Hello Miss Nakitari,

    I have been looking out for these online freelance stuff to no avail.
    I have had to sit for numerous tests where I get confirmation that I have passed,but work is not forthcoming.Internet with a high speed of about 8mbs,uninterrupted is available.
    I have almost every gadget at my disposal,I feel wasted.Please help.

    1. Virginia Nakitari Post author

      Hello Peter,

      Nice to connect with you. Well, first you need to decide what you want to do. We have many fields online like transcription, article writing, graphic design, SEO etc. Out of these choose one that interests you. Just because others are doing transcription doesn’t mean it’s for you too. Maybe this could be the problem you are having. Hope that helps. Regards.

  4. Lorraine

    Hello Virginia, I have been transcribing dictation for 14 years and have purchased two domains to secure my name for my business. However, the more I read the more convinced I am that I need some training to perfect my skills. I type 72 words per minute on a good day. Since researching this viable means of working from home I have been practicing my typing. I am fully aware that typing is not the only skill required to become an excellent transcriptionist. I have sent you my email address in order to receive your Free Transcription ebook and as of this moment it has not arrived in my messages. Could you please check to see when I could expect it? Thank you…

  5. Ivy

    Hey Virginia, i am interested in transcribing, however am a newbie, i would like subscribe to your newsletter and if i could get my hands on your free eBook, i would really be greatful.


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