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My name is Virginia Nakitari, a proud mother of one. I am a Professional Transcriptionist, Writer and Owner of Transcription Hub Pros and Premium Plr Products.

Virginia Nakitari


I’ve got to admit, my online journey was not an easy one. Just straight out of college in 2008, inexperienced and a bit naïve, I ventured into the online space with nothing but an open mind.

I didn’t know which tools to use. I had no idea how to effectively communicate with clients to build strong business relationships.

My mind was so blank on where to find favorable resources like WAHM forum to get answers to the many questions I had. I worked for both men and women who paid me little to no money just because I didn’t know any better.

Over the years, I have learnt the ropes of general transcription. I know what works and what doesn’t. I have failed, succeeded, gained experience and even made friends in the process. This has, indeed, been an interesting journey.

One thing I wish I had back then, though, was a resource like this. A guide that I could refer to every time I had a burning issue. This site is full of powerful tips, techniques and important resources that will help you thrive in the transcription industry. They say, “The fastest way to eat an elephant is take one piece at a time.” So, I urge you to take your time, go through each section, digest everything and implement as much as you can.

Please, feel free to send me feedback or ask me any questions that you may be having using the form below.

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